2nd shooting

2nd Shooting: 2015 Favorites

One of my favorite parts about being a wedding photographer is working with other talented professionals.  I love seeing how other photographers work, picking up new posing, lighting, or composition techniques, and bouncing ideas off each other.  I've found the best way to learn (and teach!) isn't necessarily through attending workshops or reading books, but good old fashioned on-the-job experience.  On dates I don't have my own weddings booked, I usually fill up with 2nd shooting.

For those that aren't familiar with what a 2nd shooter is, they're essentially hired to supplement the main photographer's work so there can be photo coverage in two places at the same time.  Among the folks I work with, we're all full time professional photographers, so we'll shoot for each other on a regular basis depending on our schedules.  It's a fantastic way to learn new techniques, take photos you wouldn't otherwise be able to take, make new friends, and also earn a few extra bucks :)

These are some of my favorite images I've taken as a 2nd shooter this year.  Enjoy the photos, and check out some of my colleagues' websites while you're at it!