Nicole & Tim's Halloween Wedding at Bill Miller's Castle

What can I say about Nicole and Tim, aside from being one of the most badassingly unique couples I've worked with?  They had an awesome Halloween, Nightmare Before Christmas style wedding at the best venue for such a wedding, Bill Miller's Castle in Branford, CT.  Guests were encouraged to dress in black attire, which made Nicole's white dress really pop out from the crowd.  Waldo and Wilma even made an appearance!  In an interesting twist of coincidence, my 2nd photographer, Bill Fritz got married at Bill Miller's last Halloween - and I photographed his wedding too!  Also in attendance was my wonderful fiancée Danielle, a former coworker of Nicole's - it was a blast being surrounded by such awesome people all day.  Tattoos, masquerade masks, smoke grenades, a mosh pit, and a limerick-styled toast were just some of the highlights at this unique wedding.  I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Nicole and Tim, I have a feeling it will be just as unique as they are!