Kate & Michelle's Crown Point Ecology Center Wedding

Have you ever come across people in life who are completely unafraid to be exactly who they are?  Meet Kate and Michelle, two women who have nothing but love for each other, yet were unable to marry in their home state of Ohio until just a few months ago.  They planned their wedding before the Supreme Court had even ruled that state level bans on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional.  "If not, it'll be a big party," they said.  Well the liberty to marry is no longer denied, and what a wedding they had!  Hosted by the Crown Point Ecology Center in Bath, Ohio, the venue was perfect for their groovy, tie-dye, peace-and-love themed wedding.  Bright, beautiful flowers, colorful glass, tie-dye accents, and miniature Volkswagen busses made this wedding truly unique.  Their own Volkswagen bus even acted as a centerpiece for their ceremony, and afterwards, they hopped in and took a lap around the field!  It was an amazing, beautiful day bursting with love, and I couldn't be happier for them - congrats, Kate and Michelle!