Laurel & Greg's Wedding at Bill Miller's Castle

Back in the Spring of 2009, before I had even shot a wedding, I was in the market for my first motorcycle.  One particular bike struck my fancy, and I arranged to meet the owner, Greg.  A couple days later and I had my shiny new (to me) motorcycle sitting in the garage.  Greg and I stayed in touch over the years, and would occasionally go on rides together.  I'd see his posts on Facebook every so often of his motorcycling adventures with his lady.  Fast forward several years, and I got a message asking if I'd be interested in photographing their wedding!  Of course, I was thrilled to document such an important day for my friend and his fiancΓ©e, Laurel.  They make such a sweet couple, and their wedding was a blast; Laurel hand-painted little canvases for each guest, and Greg's family played a classical piece for the newlyweds!  I couldn't imagine a more deserving couple to be surrounded by such loving and wonderful friends :)