EJ's Acting Portfolio Headshots...and a mini, mini gear review.

When EJ asked for me to take some updated headshots for his acting portfolio, I was excited, because it's nice to deviate from my usual wedding work and do something different now and then.  We started off inside against a plain backdrop for the white and grey backgrounds, and then headed outside to this super-red brick wall down the street.  I certainly hope these photos  will help him get some good roles - good luck, EJ!

This was also my first time using my spiffy new camera with a client (a Sony A7R II, for my fellow photographer folks), and luckily EJ was patient while I acclimated myself with Sony's foreign controls.  I've been using Canon DSLRs for years, so there's definitely a bit of a learning curve there!

The Sony has me impressed...below is a 100% crop of the photo above, and it's got detail galore.  Looking forward to using it for more portrait work :)