Your Wedding Timeline: The Nuts n' Bolts

If you're looking at this, it means you're only a month or so from your wedding - yay!  I always like being prepared, so Please provide the following information about your wedding day - the more detailed, the better!  i'm more than happy to provide input with your timeline, help with planning, or smoothing out any wrinkles in the schedule.  So if you have questions or are unsure about something, don't hesitate to email me (STEVE@STEPHENWANGPHOTOGRAPHY.COM) or call (860-918-3174).  Thank you!

Wedding Date
Wedding Date
We can discuss this at more length and I can explain how it all works, but doing a first look often makes a lot of sense, allows for a much more relaxed schedule, and usually lets you to attend your cocktail hour...and of course, it's an opportunity for some great photos :)
Greeting your guests typically takes about 15 seconds per person, so for a wedding of 150, plan on around 40 minutes.
Please check all of the following events you're planning on having during the reception: